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MyDataPrivacy, LLC’s Software as a Service solution was developed by The Alesco Group, LLC, dba “Alesco Data”, a leading supplier of marketing data to Resellers, Brokers, Agencies, and SMBs.

The company provides a cost effective, easy-to-implement solution for businesses subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A Licensee’s data from their CRM or private database, including prospect lists acquired from time to time, are uploaded to MyDataPrivacy.com. The data is sorted in silos prescribed by CCPA, with Personally Identifiable Information (defined as information unique to one individual) masked. From a link on the footer of the businesses’ website, or from its privacy policy, a consumer can search for his or her own data in MyDataPrivacy.com, by name and address or email address. Consumers are able to opt-out or delete themselves from the businesses’ database through the MyDataPrivacy.com website, subject to verification and specific restrictions required under the law.

MyDataPrivacy.com captures date, time, and IP address of consumer opt-outs and deletes, and makes same available to businesses for download and suppression.

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