Turnkey CCPA Compliance

My Data Privacy covers each compliance item of the CCPA and more.

Our robust and effective solution is perfect for list owners, compilers and mailers.


Are You in Our Database?

What do list owners know about me?
For what business purpose was my personal information sold?
Can I opt-out or have my information deleted?

myDataPrivacy.com makes it safe to know what participating list owners know about you. Search our database by entering your email address or name and postal address. If your name is found in the database, you will have the option to opt-out of receiving future marketing messages and/or deleting your name from national databases.

The information entered above will not be retained, rented or sold. It is used only to locate you in our database.

Protect Your Business
Manage consumer data with ease

My Data Privacy provides turnkey CCPA compliance for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our solution is simple, cost-effective and 100% outsourced.

Cost effective
Easy Data Mapping
Built-in risk management
Automated compliance
Drag and drop file uploads
Fast and effective setup
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We Make CCPA Compliance Easy

myDataPrivacy.com is a centralized platform for businesses,

list owners and marketers to maintain and comply with the data requirements of the CCPA.

(California Consumer Privacy Act). Avoid CCPA fines and penalties with our turnkey solution.

Step 1
Easily Manage & Upload Data Files
  • Each list used or sold is uploaded to your account within your personal dashboard.
  • Easy click navigation and drop down menus guide you through the order creation and data upload process.
Step 2
Manage Consumer Records & Requests
  • A user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage consumer information.
  • Just choose your selections, and conveniently download your consumer records within seconds.
Step 3
Protect Your Business and Your Consumers
  • Our platform covers each CCPA compliant item and more.
  • Notifications, access, disclosure, reporting, opt-out and deletion requests are all handled within My Data Privacy.
My Data Privacy provides consumers an easy way to verify their requests in a safe and secure portal. It offers online reporting to satisfy disclosure requirements along with opt-out and deletion request options.
Setup Takes Just
24 Hours!
Chat with one of our compliance specialists.
(866) 371-5002
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What is the CCPA?

The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), is a bill meant to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California.

In our FREE guide, we break down the basics of the CCPA, including:

  • What marketers need to know about the CCPA
  • Affected parties and potential penalties
  • Consumer 'rights' under the CCPA
  • What steps to take in order to protect your business
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