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Mar 25th 2020

Will Coronavirus Impact the Deadline for CCPA Compliance

With COVID-19 rapidly spreading across the country, many businesses impacted by the virus are wondering if CCPA compliance will still be enforced on July 1.

So far, 34 organizations have petitioned for a delay in enforcing the CCPA. Last Thursday, multiple trade bodies sent a letter to the California Attorney General asking him to push back its enforcement of the CCPA from July 2020 to January 2021. 

The letter cites that the coronavirus is the primary reason the state’s attorney general should delay enforcement. 

Challenges from Coronavirus

The letter states, “the coronavirus has tremendously impacted many companies and they are struggling to meet the legal and marketing challenges of the CCPA.”

Even prior to the virus, many were requesting an extension on enforcement action so businesses can build processes that are in line with the final regulations and avoid being subject to enforcement actions for allegedly violating the law’s terms. With regulations not even finalized yet, and with the effects of coronavirus, companies are arguing they need more time.

The clarifications and ongoing changes from the attorney general have placed many businesses at an unfair advantage in trying to achieve compliance. Many companies compare the CCPA to a moving target.  

As things stand now, more than two-thirds of companies fear they can’t sustain compliance if the deadline remains July 1.

Unfortunately, many privacy experts believe even stricter rules will be added to CCPA thanks to a new proposal that’s headed to the ballot in 2020.

If a CCPA extension is granted, it’s unknown how the California Attorney General will treat any alleged infractions that took place before enforcement goes into effect.

Rules still aren’t finalized, and the most recent draft released in February received over 300 comments.

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