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Mar 2nd 2020

California Pushing the CCPA into the Hands of D.C. Lawmakers

The California attorney general is encouraging Congress to move forward with making CCPA a model for new privacy laws. 

“I invite Congress to look at the states as sources of innovation and expertise in data privacy, not to undermine protections, like CCPA, that states have already developed,” Attorney General Xavier Becerra wrote in a recent letter he wrote to congressional leaders. 

The attorney general made clear that he is okay with federal legislation, so long as it doesn’t prevent states from making changes to their own laws. This makes it more likely for different states to have their own online privacy requirements. Becerra refers to this as, “further protections tailored to our residents.”

The letter was sent to several senators and representatives from Mississippi, Washington, New Jersey and Oregon. The recipients included:

Roger Wicker (R-MISS), Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee

Maria Cantwell (D-WASH), Ranking Member

Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee

Representative Greg Walden (R-ORE), Ranking Member

In his letter, the California attorney general also wrote that he appreciated their efforts to develop bipartisan privacy legislation. He also hoped that it would be informed by the CCPA, which is currently in effect. The CCPA includes the “right to know,” the “right to delete,” and the “right to opt out” of data collection. 

If businesses only meet 1 of the criteria below, they are required to comply.

1. Earn more than $25 million in annual revenue

2. Profit from the personal information of more than 50,000 people/households/devices

3. Get at least 50% of their revenue from the selling of this information

The law is in effect, but California is still working on how to enforce it. Businesses must be compliant with the law by July 1.

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