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Apr 7th 2020

California Attorney General Declines CCPA Compliance Extension

It was recently announced that the California Attorney General will not extend the deadline for CCPA compliance.

Although COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, advocates for consumer privacy protection ultimately convinced the attorney general that the CCPA should be enforced due to the increase in people staying at home and browsing the internet.

This means that enforcement will begin on July 1, 2020. While the attorney general is mindful that COVID-19 will cause difficulties for businesses, he stressed that protecting the personal information of consumers should continue to be a top priority.

Previously, the office of the California Attorney General communicated that enforcement would generally be limited to: (a) the most egregious, flagrant cases and, (b) there would only be enough resources in the office of the Attorney General to pursue a few cases each year.

What Should Businesses Do Now?

Every business should take appropriate steps now to determine their compliance strategy.  Since compliance enforcement will not be delayed, businesses are not relieved from their their obligation to comply with the CCPA. As of this writing, covered businesses have less than 90 days to implement a compliance strategy.

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